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Unfair feedback

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RedBlu Mon 19-Dec-16 17:14:05

So I had my yearly review today and a new part of it is members of our team are asked to give feedback on different members of the team. It's all anonymous and suppose to be useful feedback.

Someone and I am pretty sure I know who, has said I am threatened by my colleagues if they are more successful and gave an example of one colleague being given an opportunity which I found a "threat". What this person doesn't know is that I encouraged this person to go for this opportunity.

They also said I could be more of a team player. Considering I go out of my way to help other members of my team if they need help or are struggling with workloads, I am furious.

My manager said before he gave me the feedback that it's meant to be "constructive" and that I shouldn't focus on the negatives but I am really really angry.

Would you just not say anything (apparently we are going to discuss feedback in the new year) it would you say something now?

LittleBoat Mon 19-Dec-16 17:23:14

I would just make sure there was a date in the diary for discussion of the feedback and that your responses were recorded accurately. You have time to construct measured responses to this feedback. I would also be questioning it's validity/purpose at the meeting and having that recorded too.
If it's going to spoil your Christmas, ask for the meeting be brought forward.

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