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How many 'mistakes' in your direction only should you start to regard as bullying?

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scaryclown Thu 15-Dec-16 08:31:55

Just a question about a previous employer.

I had the following happen. No-one else did.

Mistakes in workload monitoring that were really obvious, both total and quality.
Mistakes in asking me in for work then sending me home.
Mistakes in recording breaks
Mistakes in meal orders for Christmas Lunches
mistakes re permissions eg i ask to order prepared lunch for team, told expressly not allowed and that i am 'being silly'. Another team has a buffet meal in the same week.

sweetstemcauli Thu 15-Dec-16 09:03:41

You have listed the 'mistakes' but have not said if you raised them with your former employer as issues at the time they happened. If you did raise them how were your concerns addressed?

hippo99 Mon 19-Dec-16 15:42:14

Watching with interest ... I have been questioned over my time keeping as I shut my PC down 5 min early..... other members of staff roll in up to 10 mins late and nothing said... Plus (and I know this sounds petty) my manager and co-worker go together twice a day to make themselves a cup of tea for themselves and never include me.... I'm covering maternity leave and have to sit at a desk covered in woman on leaves children and desk is constantly referred to X's desk rather than mine...

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