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Flexi working and a new boss

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hanna007 Wed 14-Dec-16 15:16:54

Hi all,

I'm hoping for some help. I'm aware of the flexi legislation and how it works, but my case is quite muddled.

I had applied for flexi working in summer of 2014 via official form.
My boss has failed to organise the meeting within 28 days. Eventually I had my application heard 2 weeks late and further 2 weeks I was given letter from HR.
Now, this hasn't reject or approve my requested flexi work.
They state: that this will be trialled on 6 month basis starting upon my return to work from maternity. After 6 months review will take place to see if permanent change works and permanent contract change needs to take place. I have been working this pattern successfully for 18 months - my boss stated weekly how much he loves it and there was never any issue. In Sept 2015 I was pregnant again and had another job offer. My boss was keen to keep me and so we slightly changed the pattern. This was done informally but HR have been involved. Again it states that we trial it for 1 month and then we can change it to permanent arrangement. I have spoken to boss after a month and he was ok with it. I have then worked this pattern for another 3 months before going on maternity. I'm just about to make it back to a new boss who has just started himself. My former boss was promoted and is a direct manager of my new boss.
My new boss just asked me to fill in another flexi application as he thinks I have nothing agreed. He broadly supports my application and seems to want to do it by the book. As he is new, I have gently pointed out that i think my second pattern is in force and he went to investigate with HR.
While I'm waiting - do you think that my first and/or second pattern is now in force and/or I don't have any formal flexi arrangement in place?
As I said they haven't rejected or approved my initial application and no formal review took place.


hanna007 Wed 14-Dec-16 15:24:27

Sorry for typos - typing on phone with two kids wrestling me.
The second pattern - I have letter from HR.

MaverickSnoopy Mon 19-Dec-16 08:23:06

What does the hr letter say? Normally a contractual change in hours is formally written by issuing a new contract or a contract variation letter. Once this is issued your hours are confirmed.

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