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Is this job too much? Help please :(

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wishesandkisses Tue 13-Dec-16 22:35:22

A few months ago i thought i landed my dream job.I work in social care and do 1-1 work with clients along with networking, group work and community work. I was going to ask to do part time (due to having a 2 year old) before I signed my contract but I got too scared and didn't do it. At first it was fine, I had 2 managers who I liked with a team I liked and enjoyed the job. In the past few months my 2 managers have left (along with half my team) and I have been left with a new tyrant managet, and due to this I am left with a bitter unmotivated team. Since then my caseload has increased way beyond capacity, my supervision has decreased to way below what policy states it should be and my probation has been extended 2 months due to extreamly minor mistakes. I am going home stressed every night (it probably impacts on my family but my partner doesn't say),. I'm exhausted and miserable through the week, the house is always a mess due to this and im failing to do the smallest tasks at home (like the washing) because I'm too tired. I really know I need this job and I won't find another salary like this for my qualifications. I'm too scared to tell my boss because he could get rid of me with no explanation and is a person who will question my capabilities rather than his support. He is also trying to change our systems (ones i am still getting used to due to change of management and lack of training) and am scared he will sack me on my paperwork. Due to cuts in funding he is not replacing all the workers we have, and giving us some of his jobs due to him having too much to do. My team is not coping with all this additional work. Losing my mind
What do i do sad

ifcatscouldtalk Tue 13-Dec-16 22:48:20

You have to weigh up the pros and cons. financially can you leave? I have recently taken on a 2nd part time job so am pretty much ft hours. It is a see how it goes thing but I have to say the house is a shit tip most of the time and although my child is much older than yours she is having a really tough time lately and I feel emotionally and physically drained. I have not helped but I myself am having similar thoughts. My 1st job has a reduced hours over xmas so there will be a bit of a breather but I can't see this set up working for me.

ifcatscouldtalk Tue 13-Dec-16 22:51:38

Sorry I haven't offered any advice there really! More empathy. I myself was looking foward to the extra money but am now thinking its not everything. I am however v tired.

Junebugjr Tue 13-Dec-16 23:05:06

Halfway through your OP I honestly thought it was about my company.
We have a similar manager - she's since been asked to take time away-
She would shift the goalposts so often on recording admin and approach to support so often I would feel like I was going mad.
My approach was to be signed off sick for 3 months.
But I was close to breaking point when I did leave.
Seeing as though you have some good experience under your belt, can you leave and go agency for a bit? It sounds awful to just keep working there under that sort of pressure.
I'm debating the same thing, despite Nightmare manager being removed, I'm still shocked senior management more or less ignored constant complaints from all different offices about some seriously dodgy behaviour. Think calling the police type of behaviour.
flowers anyway.

daisychain01 Wed 14-Dec-16 03:36:35

Trouble nowadays is that people are increasingly overloaded with a work volume that is significantly more than for 1 person. It's a worrying trend, people are just run into the ground, no management support and then they think getting rid of them solves the problem, but it doesn't.

OP, seriously, if you feel you're on a hamster wheel and your life is spiralling out of control due to your job, lack of any management support, consider if it will get better, if it's worth fixing or if it's time to consider alternatives.

To fix, it will involve having formal meetings to outline your challenges and seek help. It may fall on stoney ground tho. Only you'll know how it might land with your manager.

To bail out, you'll either have to resign, but that leaves you with an income gap. Or see if you can gradually extricate yourself, applying for jobs while you're in post, which tends to be better from a new employer perception PoV.

AngelicFruitcakexx Fri 23-Dec-16 16:50:42

Sounds like you work for the same company as me! confused

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