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Sick record. Pregnancy related anxiety or not?

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user1473879477 Tue 29-Nov-16 21:00:53

Does anyone know what the situation is with anxiety/stress during pregnancy? What counts as 'pregnancy related'?

Had anxiety in the past, came off meds to get pregnant and work is majorly stressful. They accept some blame but not much and say some caused by my way of working ie disorganised. However, whilst organisation not a strength I was okay in last company where goal posts didn't seem to change all the time, meetings didn't get called all the time but expected to make it up and reasonable time given to tasks.

Was able to cope before pregnancy but exhaustion and emotions meant unable to do extra work in evenings. All came to a head, had an anxiety attack and signed off. Tried to go back but ended up crying in the office. Now off again as just so worked up.

It's more than pregnancy hormones making me a little weepy and but concerned prenatal anxiety/depression. If not, I know pregnancy has meant unable to deal with issues as I would. Sick notes just say anxiety/stress.

My employer has now ignored my email sending in an update with sick note. Worried trying to get rid. Want to go back but it's hard. They basically said I need to be able to be 100% but I think it's more realistic that first week back going to be subpar but need to get over that.

Now their lack of response has got me really anxious again. And also not sure how this sickness will be viewed.

Anyone with any experience of this and how best to approach return too?

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