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Digital and social media marketing courses... which to choose??

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ButtonLoon Sun 27-Nov-16 14:20:56

I've got an admin background (and a TA, but decided I couldn't be a teacher), and after five years off for raising kids, I was hired to do some admin and social media/marketing and discovered I'm actually kind of good at it! I have a Bachelors in Arts (Illustration) and I can do some graphic design. I can also spell and proofread other people's writing.

This position is ending and I can't find another job, I would actually like some more formal education in marketing, but it's really expensive and I don't know what to choose?

I could go with Oxford College of Marketing as they offer digital marketing (CAM) but others might be better. HELP!

manandbeast Sun 27-Nov-16 20:45:49

I did Squared Online - it's by Google. It was RUBBISH I would not recommend it.

I've heard of this one - - I haven't done it and it doesn't cover everything (as far as I remember) but it does offer work experience as part of the course....

FledglingFTB Sun 27-Nov-16 22:02:56

IDM or CIM are the biggies for digital marketing. They are broader courses and cover everything from execution to strategy.

I've noticed a lot of apprenticeships being offered lately, which could be a cost effective way in. Also you'd be surprised how many free online resources you can find.

I went back to uni to career change, to marketing actually, I did an MSc and I'm not sure I'd recommend the same to others (each to their own obv)

Tbh with the right positioning on your CV, you sound like you have the perfect background for a creative social role. And from my experience of working closely with social media specialists, your additional graphic ability would be very appealing (as most work with designers for visual content). Maybe you could find a short course to nail analytics and reporting?

FledglingFTB Mon 28-Nov-16 09:07:21

As an example of online resources, you've got things like Coursera, which are actually run by global universities. So technically not an official qualification, but they're run by the same people who would and you can do them by distance learning. Lots of social courses about to start Social Media Coursera Courses

ButtonLoon Tue 29-Nov-16 17:29:00

Great feedback, thanks.

And yeah, I do have a perfect background for a creative social role, I just need a bit more to back it up so I can sell it.

I don't think I can take an apprenticeship right now, as a) they're usually full-time and after school club provision is dire b) usually have an age cap.

user1471548375 Tue 29-Nov-16 17:37:19

I work in social media - to be honest experience often counts over qualifications, charities etc are often crying out for some support. If you can afford it though IDM is the way to go.

ButtonLoon Tue 29-Nov-16 18:08:14

I'll keep volunteering in mind if I can't find something before my current contract runs out!

I can afford IDM because my parents have offered to help me pay for a course to help me on my job search. (Love them!)

And thankfully London's within a distance I can do a day course.

FledglingFTB Thu 01-Dec-16 22:18:29

Best of luck smile

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