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Should I rescind my resignation?

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Wannabehermit Sun 27-Nov-16 14:04:17

I resigned on Wednesday from a job in the public sector, working in a small team of 5. I don't have another job to go to, however I do have skills that make me reasonably employable in this part of the world, so I would probably find another job in the next few months.

However on Friday, my boss's boss asked if I wanted the weekend to reconsider my resignation, and that I could e mail him issues I have with my work environment or conditions.

Recently I have had a lot to deal with in my personal life, some of which my boss is aware of. I have also found my work place has added to my stress because it's generally quite a negative gripey atmosphere. I will admit recently I have been a bit quiet and withdrawn as I just want to get my work done and not get involved in all the other stuff.

On Tuesday my boss laid in to me with their usual lack of tact and gave me a dressing down like I'm a naughty child. When I tried to counter some of her comments legitimacy I was told I was aggressive and had an attitude. I feel that was entirely unjustified. It was the last straw.

Should I bother e mailing my issues to boss's boss about the general workplace ambience? Is it ever a good idea to withdraw a resignation?

Stillunexpected Mon 28-Nov-16 10:19:28

It sounds as if your boss's boss may be aware of issues in your workplace already and is trying to establish if this is the reason you are leaving. Yes I would respond with your concerns, keep it completely factual and you could use Tuesday's incident as a good example. Sometimes it is a good idea to withdraw a resignation but I wouldn't in this instance. If you can take a bit of time out, it sounds as if that would be helpful to you in recharging your batteries. Your boss's boss may implement changes or may not, either way it is going to be difficult to live through.

EBearhug Tue 29-Nov-16 10:17:28

It sounds as if your boss's boss may be aware of issues in your workplace already and is trying to establish if this is the reason you are leaving.

I agree with this, and I would raise all my concerns. I would not necessarily withdraw my resignation, though. Well, I would, but I know I can't afford to leave this job before I have another lined up, but your financial position may be quite different. I would then spend my time looking for another job. Even if your boss's boss is hoping for evidence that would justify your boss being moved elsewhere (internally or out of the door,) it's not going to happen overnight.

CartwheelGirl Tue 29-Nov-16 10:31:53

Only respond with concerns, if you can do so in a tactful, factual and helpful manner. Remember that if you are leaving, you will need references.

I am currently looking for a job. It takes a lot of time and energy. I am also employable, but good opportunities don't come up when you want them, so on that basis I'd say - hang in there, at your old job, until you find something else. However if you are financially comfortable and need a break, than being honest with yourself about that might be a good idea. Health is more important than a job. Just be prepared that your career will take a hit as a result.

A possible compromise is to take time off due to stress and return in two weeks or so (whilst actively looking for another job).

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