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Redeployment NHS admin

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BLACKTUESDAY1 Thu 24-Nov-16 18:09:16

We have been told that numbers will be cut fron 4 to 2 (band 4 NHS admin). Our office is so busy and barely run with the 4 band 4s we have now. We have competitive interviews coming up and the unsuccessful candidates will be redeployed (vacancies have been held back for us..some band 4 and some band 3). I am so undecided as to whether to try hard to stay in my office knowing it will be super stressful and virtually unmanageable or to opt for redeployment (the unknown) and hope for the best!

ThePinkOcelot Sat 26-Nov-16 22:14:17

No advice OP, just wanted to say I sympathise, having just gone through the same myself. Band 4 put down to Band 3 and less people covering workloads. I won't lie, it's a total nightmare and morale is an all time low. The number of people who have gone off sick with stress is unbelievable. I hope this isn't going to turn out the same for you. Good luck.

BLACKTUESDAY1 Sun 27-Nov-16 07:42:22

Thanks. The whole thing is so stressful and we have also had staff off sick since this process started. They are only targeting Band 4 staff. We have 9 Band 7 managers in the division that aren't getting touched. We are so very busy in our office dealing with patients waiting for results which could show cancer etc. This will have a massive impact on patient safety and is so worrying. I am to be interviewed next week to keep a job I have been doing very well for over 9 years sad. So sorry you are going through similar. I think our department us just the start and these cuts will go throughout the hospital eventually. I am certain they will spend more than they save dealing with patient complaints

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