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Dreading going back to work tomorrow

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user1479737233 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:28:34

I have just had a week off work to go on holiday and I am dreading going back tomorrow, I am getting a tight chest just thinking about it.

I have been in the role for around 8 months now and I don't really enjoy the role but it pays well and the benefits are great. The job at certain times is very very busy and at other times there is almost nothing to do. Next week will be manic, my boss is un-supportive and is hard to talk to. The job is high pressured at times due to the volume of work, but the work is so mundane and boring. I need a role which I love at stretches me. I am dreading going back tomorrow and getting back on that cycle. I loved my previous job of 10 years, but it was the right time to move on for various reasons I just feel it was to the wrong job. I have never flet this way going back to work after a break!

daisychain01 Tue 22-Nov-16 06:40:25

Hi there, I sooo could have written this!

I don't know what "words of wisdom " to give you tbh. I am in a similar situation. Strangely I like the role and the people but it is such a massively understaffed team, which exponentially increases everyone's stress levels. They have taken to blame me for stuff perhaps to deflect attention or vent at the most convenient person sad

I guess it's about balance ie do the positives outweigh the negatives in your role. Is the grass greener on the other side, or could you maximise the positives in this role, eg learning new things and increasing your skill set.

After 8 months do you feel you have sufficiently strong networks around you to either support you during the tough times and increase your morale, or to provide inroads to a new opportunity?

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