Redundant while on maternity due to insolvency

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Aselinac Mon 21-Nov-16 14:35:47

Hoping someone had some advice! I have been made redundant while on maternity leave due to to company becoming insolvent. Meaning I haven't been paid my last wage packet. Funds are dwindling very fast sad and little one is only 4 weeks so I don't want to look for work just yet. Does anyone know what I can claim benefits wise other than child benefit. I have no idea where to start as I have always worked, I have tried reaching out to citizens advice etc but they are so hard to get intouch with and have had no replys to my queries.

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Tumbleweed101 Fri 27-Oct-17 07:01:25

If single look at income support/UC and if you have a working partner tax credits might help.

HoneyWheeler Fri 27-Oct-17 07:14:05

You need to find out who the insolvency practitioner is if the company is going through formal insolvency. Will usually be a firm of accountants. They can put you in touch with the redundancy payments office who will cover some of your statutory redundancy money. HMRC usually step in to cover the employer part of your SMP so you shouldn’t be without funds totally, although it depends how long you we were working there.

If you can’t get much information from your contacts at the business, search for their name online in the London Gazette - they’re required to publish the insolvency practitioner’s contact details there.

Good luck!

ChristmasAccountant Fri 27-Oct-17 07:17:49

This happened to me last year. You need to find out who the liquidators are to get information like official date of liquidation.
HMRC have a department to cover this - statutory payments I think it's called. They can send you a form to complete and they take over the statutory maternity pay. You get it 4 weekly by cheque.
It took me an age to get it sorted but once it was they were great.
You'll need to send them things like last payslip and your matb1 (I had to get a copy from my midwife).
Good luck!

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