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Hours not as discussed - help

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Seagullslanding Fri 18-Nov-16 21:34:00

I started a new job 2 weeks ago. When I applied I had to complete an availability matrix, the available hours were over 7 days from 5am through to 2am. The vacant positions were over 2 sites. I attended an assessment centre and I discussed my availability. I made it quite clear that I had to pick up my children by 5pm and look after them until my husband came home, I said I would be happy to work from7pm to 2am. I slso said I was happy to work from 5am until 4 pm. I also clearly stated that on a Friday I could only work from 5am to 11am and 7pm to 2am. I said I was happy to work Saturday morning's or weekends if part of a Rota.

I was offered the job. I have now discovered that the available hours as previously advertised do not apply to the site I am at. They only need people from 7am to 9pm, they already have staff that start at 7am. As I can only start a night shift at 7pm I am no use to them at night. Ihave also been told that I am of no use to them on a Friday. As a result I have now been told that it is likelyi will have to work every weekend, Saturday's and Sunday's.

My contract is 20 hours. They cannot give me a Rota as they won't know until the week before.

When i accepted the job it was on the understanding that the available hours were from 5am to 2am and only limited weekends.

I have also discovered that this is not a new problem,46% of new starters at the other site have resigned for similar issues.

I am looking for a new job, is there anything I can do/say to get out of this without giving a notice period. Has anyone any advice.

puglife15 Sat 19-Nov-16 09:17:35

No one can force you to go into work, as far as I'm aware. You're not likely to use it as a reference anyway given you've only been there 2 weeks so I would just quit.

Karoleann Sun 20-Nov-16 08:21:00

Surely, you only have 1 week's notice period anyway in your contract as you've only been there a week? and you must have your rota for next week already, is that weekend work only?

If it is, just send in an email stating that you (as discussed) are not available to work every weekend. You are resigning, but happy to work out your notice period provided that it is in line with your previously discussed availability.

flopsypopsymopsy Sun 20-Nov-16 08:30:54

I'd give them a week's notice.

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