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Members of the public making complaints

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DamePlata Thu 17-Nov-16 19:48:40

I work on a counter dealing with the public and since I started the job I've been unfailingly polite to an endless parade of grumpy, sullen irritable people who just don't like what they're hearing. I could handle it no problem, water off a duck's back if I thought the company believed in me. Now one person has made a complaint about me. He had a face like thunder on him when he approached the counter. I have a meeting tomorrow with the manager and I am scared I'll lose the job but I also feel that if the company I work for doesn't believe me that I'm not a rude person but that in fact, I'm walking a tightrope, working with this vulnerability to being complained about, then I think I shouldn't continue to work for them. It was hard to get the job because I don't have any qualifications but I know that I've been polite. One woman I work with has on several occasions thought the worst not the best, and reported it up the food chain which did me no favours. I have gone in every day for the last 8 weeks, concentrated, learned from my mistakes, taken what I've been told on board as best as I can, been friendly, pleasant and polite and if they see me as being rude, then I will be so upset.
At no point as anybody formally said ''this is a really hard job and we can see you're doing a good job''. One woman said it to me but she's not my boss. I was so glad to hear her say that though!

I don't want to lose the job but at the same time, it'd be bad for my mental health to continue working in an environment where they think so badly of me, I'm literally giving it everything I have and I still have to worry that they're thinking badly of me?!?!

I kind of need the money but at the same time, the money isn't even so good that being on jsa would be that much of a 'hit'.

I could sign on to jsa and job hunt early new year. I don't want that though as my CV will have a gap on it.

Any advice?

Chottie Thu 17-Nov-16 19:54:09

I would write down now everything that happened during your conversation with the person, so you have all the facts at your finger tips before your meeting.

I deal with customer care type issues in my job. If there is a complaint, the first thing I would do is to contact the member of staff concerned as I do realise there are two sides to every story.

TBH a meeting with your manager sounds like standard procedure to me. I hope all goes well for you flowers

DamePlata Thu 17-Nov-16 20:37:46

Thanks Chottie. I know, I'm so paranoid that she's going to reprimand me. Maybe she will support me. I have the brief conversation and how it played out in my head.

Penfold007 Thu 17-Nov-16 21:08:24

Have I understood you correctly, you've been in a job eight weeks and had several complaints leading to meeting tomorrow?

DamePlata Thu 17-Nov-16 21:11:43

well, two, maybe. I'm not even certain, but early on, a couple came in and said they didn't like my tone. I could have cried. My 'tone' was polite and nervous if anything. It is shoot the messenger syndrome.

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