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Work friend making things awkward for me

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MOB247 Tue 15-Nov-16 16:00:32

I have a good friend at work we got pally when we were pregnant at the same time. She has one DC 4 and I have 2 ages 4&2.

About 4 times in the past year she has phoned in work saying her child is ill when I'm pretty certain at least 3/4 times she wasn't.

For a bit of background - she broke up with the father of her child and is now seeing someone who works on our floor but not our department at work.

Today she phoned in sick because her daughter had diahrroea. Her daughter is now in school and I also have a friend whose child is in the same class . Guess what - the child was at school today no illness whatsoever. The grandmother picked up the child because my friend was packing for her holiday (she's going to Paris on Thursday).

What makes matters worse is her boyfriend was off today - he has been every time she's been off sick this year.

Another time when she phoned in sick her boyfriend posted a pic on Facebook about how he was having lunch with her for their 6 month anniversary! No one else is friends with him on my team so obviously thought her daughter was really poorly.

I'm really struggling with this now. I can't really dob my friend in but she really is taking the piss. I think
It's so disgusting that she would pretend her child is poorly just so she can have time off with her boyfriend.

Work keep asking me if I know anything - I feel so awkward that i know things and I think they know I know iyswim.

We are the only part time mums in the office and now I'm getting constant remarks on how part time mums are never in etc.. I'm now worried if my child is ill and I have time off genuinely people will think I'm
Taking the piss.

Just so fed up of this situation.

StealthPolarBear Tue 15-Nov-16 16:03:12

Tell her they're suspicious and you haven't told them but you are putting your own job at risk by lying which you will not continue to do.

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