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Partner doubting his abilities

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HeavyMetalMummy Sun 13-Nov-16 14:41:11

OK, my other half has been in the catering trade his entire working life. He left school with a couple of GCSEs which were less than spectacular, went to college and studied catering and has worked his socks off to get from a pot washer, to a chef and now a kitchen manager in a residential care home.
The hours are long (7:45am - 5:15pm) and the pay is barely above NLW and he is quite frankly undervalued and pretty sick of it and the catering trade in general. So, understandably he wants out and is looking for jobs elsewhere which I wholeheartedly support......the problem is he doesn't seem to understand the value and transferability of the skills he has to other professions. I'm talking about people management, budget and stock control, liaising with other business functions etc. I've told him that these are all skills which are valuable to any business in any sector looking for assistant managers/managers (his sister is a prime example she went from managing a restaurant to a people manager in a tech firm recently)
But all he keeps looking at are entry level positions and call centre work. Working in a call centre myself (now thankfully off the phones) I have told him emphatically that he does NOT have the temperament for that sort of environment. It is tough, target driven and often soul crushing work but still that seems to be where he's looking, that or other low paid, low value roles which in my opinion are a colossal step backwards from a career perspective. I've told him this and I'm desperately worried he's going to regret making such a move and that it's going to have a bad impact on us in general. We have a 7mo and the last thing we need is for him to earn less and potentially end up in an unstable employment position e.g. sales (your not on target then your out etc) or in something which he hates even more and which ultimately could impact his well being.
I'm trying to work out if it is indeed a lack of confidence and what, if anything I can do to convince him to look at other areas. Opinions?

Isabelle112 Fri 18-Nov-16 22:08:54

You're absolutely right - he's build up great skills and a wealth of knowledge, all of which are transferable to other jobs, in other areas of employment.

It does sound like a lack of confidence but also that he doesn't realise his worth. You're right to encourage in the way that you do but could he also get some advise and support form a careers office - I think there is still a kind of National Careers Service for adults. In your area? Who could help him to do a skills audit as a good start.

Re-training/additional training in a local college - part-time? That way, he'd have access to the College careers service, for a start.

Good luck - your partner's lucky to have you behind him.

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