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Any NHS specialists out there for fixed term and redundancy situation?

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Changeasgoodasis Sat 12-Nov-16 17:33:49

My DN has 5 years continuous service for the same NHS Trust. He is currently on a fixed term one year training contract structured as a secondment, the funding comes from the DoH from outside of the Trust but the employer has remained the same.

The training contract raised him to a Band 6 and it was expected there would be a Band 7 on the ending of the contract for him via Bank and then he could apply for a maternity cover that is expected to come up. However the services is now being shrunk so there are redundancies looming and the current Band 7s will have to compete for their jobs and there will be no Bank jobs early next year. The Band 5s will not be cut and there are always positions available as it is not a very popular job.

The notice of at risk goes out in a few weeks, interviews for jobs early Jan and then redeployment starts. His fixed term ends early Feb around the same time as redeployment starts for those who were not successful at interview for the reduced number of posts but over a month after the end of consultation date.

HR have told him that as he is only on secondment, he must reinterview for his Band 5 position as he does not reach the essential criteria yet for the Band 7, although he will literally around a week after those interviews.

He does not want the Band 5 position and will look for a Band 7 elsewhere but does anyone know, is it correct that he must interview for his substantive post even though he is on secondment? He does not want to just not go to the interview in case he loses some redundancy rights although he suspects that the HR person does not really know what they are doing. They are brand new to the NHS. The Union rep is swamped because there is a massive reorg throughout the trust and she cannot make all the meetings she is being asked to attend by the at risk people.

Any thoughts anyone? It's very messy!

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