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Annual leave and bank holidays help

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thebloodycat Thu 10-Nov-16 10:05:44


Wondered if someone could help.

I work for the NHS (have done since May 2016). I’m going to be taking maternity leave from the 3 January 2017 for one year until the 2 January 2018. As I’ve been with the company less than one year I’ll only receive statutory maternity leave.

I don’t intend to return to work once my maternity leave is over so will hand in my notice in 4 weeks before I’m due to return to work, so that will be around the 2 December 2017.

My question is how much annual leave will I be owed? I get 27 days annual leave per year and the year runs from 1 April – 31 March so I am I right in thinking I’ll accrue annual leave from the 1 April 2017 – 2 January 2018? Also how are bank holidays factored into this?

As I won’t be returning I’m happy to either be paid for the annual leave they owe me or have it added to my maternity leave. I assume I can choose which one.

Not sure if it’s relevant but for this year I have used all my annual leave.

Thanks in advance.

MulberryBush12 Mon 21-Nov-16 10:19:26

Hi OP,
I think you are entitled to 9 months of a full years A/L entitlement, so 20.25 days for 1/4/17-2/1/18 inclusive.

NHS Bank Holidays allowance calculation is only tricky if you're P/T IME. For P/T workers, there is usually an A/L calculator on your Trust Intranet page for this purpose. The PT worker adds the BH allowance onto their yearly days/ hours allowance and then, if any contracted PT days fall on a BH the PT employee deducts the hours from their overall allowance.

The NHS FT employee has all the BHols off, as far as I'm aware-on top of their yearly A/L allowance-(in your case 27).

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