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How to find a new part time job or at least have a moan about trying to

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QuackDuckQuack Tue 08-Nov-16 22:18:01

I work part time (30 hours) to fit around childcare. I'm not willing to change our childcare arrangements because they are working really well (obviously a choice we've made). I'm keen to move to a new role and have a great CV. Every recruitment consultant I speak to sounds really chirpy until I mention part time, then I get a lot of teeth sucking and not much else.

Has anyone got any suggestions or experiences that might help me in finding a new job?

Alternatively, does anyone want to join me in commiserating? It's great that I'm able to work part time, but it must be quite common to get stuck in one part time role because employers don't choose to take on part time workers.

beginnersewer Wed 09-Nov-16 12:37:31

No suggestions but I agree a lot of part time people start full time then cut down so it's hard to find a new part time job. I work part time but have a long commute. I'd like to get a job nearer home but am not sure I'll find anything part time. Working full time is not the right option for me for all sorts of reasons.

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