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Urgent advice please !

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Pugsymalone Tue 08-Nov-16 22:05:26

Hi all,
So in July i began to train as a barber , I signed a four year contract as an apprenticeship ️️️️️️️️yet after 4 months they are forcing me to work on the floor as a barber ️️️️️️️️yet only paying me a very low daily apprenticeship rate, I also work 45 hours a week but only get put down as max 39 as apparently "it's not worth having me as they'll have to pay more" if they put my real hours down, I also constantly get sent home at lunch time as its "not busy enough" and only get paid for a half day, ive recently found out I was pregnant im 10 weeks and have only had two separate days off since I found out due to bleeds both times I ended up in hospital. Today was my most recent bleed and my employer has told me "im better off going on the sick as there's something new wrong with me every day" and had a go at me when I went into work infront of customers and staff before ️going to hospital this morning . Im meant to go into work tomorrow but I feel like there's a really horrible atmosphere now and that she's trying to push me out of the job even though since ive started there ive never left on time im always staying behind a minimum of an hour a night to clean so that's even extra hours that Aren't accounted for, could anyone advise me if these issues are legal or illegal? Im in Ireland btw.
Many ️thanks

daisychain01 Wed 09-Nov-16 00:48:47

I'm no expert on Irish employment law but if you've only worked there since July, under Engish law your employment rights are pretty nonexistent as you need to be continuously employed for 2 years to have any real protection.

As an employer they sound absolutely awful! I'd walk away, don't waste any more time working there.

I hope your current circumstances improve flowers. Sorry not be be of more practical help to you, not sure what to suggest, due to minimal info.

thequeenoftarts Wed 09-Nov-16 01:05:21

Contact the citizens advice bureau or the WRC - Workplace Relations Commission. Usually you have to be employed a minimum of 6 months to take a case against an employer but I think this changes when you are pregnant and bullying in the workplace while pregnant is a huge no no in Ireland.
Information and Customer Service
Workplace Relations Commission
O’Brien Road
R93 W7W2
Tel: 059 9178990
Lo-call: 1890 80 80 90 * (09.30 - 17.00, Monday to Friday)

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