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Pregnant and demoted?

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Heartburn123 Tue 08-Nov-16 09:38:03

Hi everyone

First time on Mumsnet - would love some work related advice!

I was brought on by a company two years ago to develop a particular income stream with a view to grow the team from 1 person (me) to several more over the following years. My job description states that I am to lead and manage all aspects of that income stream. For the last two years it feels as though I have been prepped to grow the team and manage others when the time is right. The time has finally come to employ an additional member of the team but now that I am pregnant, I have been told that the new person will come on board as my equal and not as my junior as I was lead to believe, both formally through my job description and informally through discussions over the years. They effectively start as my maternity cover but when I return 9 months later, we will both do the same role full time.

There are a lot of complications that come with sharing the role that I won't go into but my question is: Is this a demotion? My title and pay will stay the same but I will no longer be 'leading and managing all aspects of the income stream' as the role will now the shared.

I have a good relationship with my employer and would not hesitate to raise the issue but would like to be well-informed before I do so.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

OllyBJolly Tue 08-Nov-16 19:40:51

No, it's not a demotion. Your Ts & Cs will remain the same.

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