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Got a "promotion" I'm now not sure I want - help

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whirlygirly Sun 06-Nov-16 16:30:44

I work in a medium sized company, now looking after training, development and a couple of similar operations functions. Recently I've been given responsibility for two significant areas plus line management of several extra people, including two other line managers. This has pretty much doubled my remit.

I was assured this would be taken into account in my pay review. I just needed to prove myself.

I got a glowing appraisal but the pay rise and my bonus is pitiful. I'm gutted. I wouldn't have agreed to take on the extra responsibilities if I'd known this.

I want to talk to my boss but how on earth do I pitch this conversation without sounding like a brat or getting upset? I genuinely don't want to do the role for so little money - it's stressful and exhausting and I feel really stupid for having walked into this trap (there was no opportunity to discuss this at the time - I tried but was given 24 hrs to consider and accept before they announced the change).


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