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Should I ask for a compromise agreement?

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zaazaa Thu 03-Nov-16 19:17:34

Hi, please can you lively Mumsnet folks weigh in as I desperately need some advice.

I have been at my workplace for 10 years, it has never been brilliant but last couple if years have been awful with a staff churn that has seen the department's manpower replaced 1.5 times as people were even resigning without jobs to go to/signed off with stress. In April my department was moved to a space that wasn't designed to be an open plan office. It is a void in the middle of the building from ground level going up 5 stories with no windows only light coming in from a glazed roof 5 storeys up. It is hot, extremely noisy, noxious smells pumped in, dripped on from condensation, aircons blowing dust on us and to top it off, I am squashed back to back against the receptionist's chair so with a constant flow of people all day, I can't hear myself think. This has caused me to feel really stressed and given me migraine headaches. I alerted management verbally and in writing but was fobbed off with a standard 'nobody else has complained' email which I know to be a lie. I was sent to OH in June and in the first instance, they suggested moving me to a different place and allowing me to work from home if need be if I was feeling unwell. This was ignored and when I chased it up, was told by manager that I needed to submit medical evidence before this would be considered. I got a letter from my GP confirming migraines and supporting OH recommendations. Still nothing was done. I then had a severe migraine and went to see my GP to ask about alternative migraine medication, she asked questions and signed me off for 3 weeks citing stress related migraine. This triggered another OH appt which I attended and the nurse was shocked when I told her they had done nothing. She wrote to tell them they may be in breach if HSE regulations if they don't do anything and told me to join a union. At the end of the sicknote, my GP saw me and signed me off for a further 4 weeks with stress migraines and this week I had to see the OH consultant at hospital. He told me he knew there were problems at my workplace and morale is low and advised me to ask them for a compromise agreement to let me leave with salary. In addition to this, my manager removed my major project that I looked after to a universally acknowledged high standard and gave it to someone who had just started there the week before. He gave two projects back but not of the same status, lied about my director knowing about it and said hevhad done it as he diesn't want the knowledge lodged with just one person yet my colleague who runs a similar project solely and singlehandedly has been left with her portfolio intact so it doesn't stand up. I felt really upset and humiliated that this had been done especially when people were asking why I was no longer working on it - 10 years of relationships and hard work just gobe on the whim of this man. He dudn't even give me a hint this is what he was planning. He has also failed to communicate changes about my new workload, instead allowing a temp to do them and communicating tovthe temp and directors but not saying a word to me so I was totally in the dark.

I don't want to go back as I don't trust them and it is a misery there. OH has recommended a phased return on Monday but several people have advised approaching them for a mutual termination of employment.

Do I have a strong enough case to approach them for a compromise agreement? Has anyone else gone through this? Ifeel so confused and drained at the thought of going back, I have given 10 years good service, no disciplinaries and acknowledged as good at what I do, good enough to work autonomously for 10 years yet now he wants to bring in a manager for me to train to tell me how to do my own job...3 OH reports, 2 sick notes and a GP letter later and no real decent resolution in sight ..please help

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