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Work and Hyperemeis.

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kalindasharma2016 Thu 03-Nov-16 10:38:18

Hi all!

DH and I have just found out I'm pregnant with our third child. We are over the moon!!!

I have two DDs, aged 7 and 3. With both previous pregnancies I had severe HG. With my first pregnancy I was working and signed off for a couple of months. Second pregnancy I was not working at the time - thank god! - as it was so much more severe and I was in and out of hospital for the entire pregnancy. I also have type 1 diabetes which makes things so much more difficult!

I currently feel fine and maybe I will throughout this pregnancy, but we want to plan for the worst - particularly with work. I work FT for the NHS. Lovely job, been there a year or so. I would have preferred to keep my pregnancy quiet for a bit longer but I wonder if I ought to give my line manager a 'heads up' that at some point in the next few weeks I am likely to become very unwell and need time off? Are there any line managers out there who can tell me how they'd react to this?

I'm just thinking maybe its a good idea to put things in place now with regard to possibly working from home, shortened hours etc - which hopefully I won't need but so that it's all planned ahead of time. Would it be worth referring myself to Occupational Health for advice?

With my first pregnancy I did not have a supportive boss and dragged myself in when I was still unwell. My boss this time around is great but I don't want to let anyone down and feel I owe it to my team to be proactive about planning things!

Anyone got any advice? I'm so scared its going to happen again.

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