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CountryLovingGirl Sat 29-Oct-16 17:01:00

I work in the NHS with many years of service. I have worked PT for 10 years and had 2 hospital changes. I returned back to my old job (as hated the new one) but they would only take me FT. Been back a while now but have noticed an increasing number of out of hours/weekend work (over 5x the amount we have always worked in the past). I am happy in the job though.

Trouble is, my DH also works a lot of weekends. We are managing to organise childcare between the two of us (with a little help from our childminder). We have no grandparent help as they are all RIP (apart from one who is frail now and can't look after children). DH is ten years older than me and earns less than me. There is no way he can change jobs now. We have a 25 year endowment due to mature early 2017 so, hopefully, the mortgage will be almost paid off. I have been using my FT salary to overpay the mortgage (hope to add endowment to £20K inheritance). So, we will be mortgage free very soon (£1K better off each month).

My problem at the moment is that we have hardly any days off together. I have just done the rota for November and December (hoping to get a day together for Christmas shopping) and we have ONE day off in 60 days together! That is a Sunday so we can't do any Christmas shopping as kids are off.

Do I hope that things will get better and the NHS will wake up and decrease number of weekends we now work (it has never been so bad). We have a few in training, 2 on sick leave and 2 on maternity so it may improve. I have just gone another school holiday week with zero time off (even working Sunday).

It isn't sustainable. I just don't know whether to stick with it (and have no family life - hard for us anyway with no grandparents) or re-train. I figured that, even without the need for childcare, we are still working with hardly any days off.

Management don't work weekends and won't let me go PT. However, they don't know I am willing to leave and retrain!

Any words of wisdom?

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