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Maternity pay, should I challenge this?

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Annie105 Tue 25-Oct-16 07:47:18

I'm currently on maternity leave and work in a competitive male dominated industry/small but cash rich company.

Get paid reasonably well, but work seriously hard, usually get the best projects although I've had to fight for my position and over the years have had to deal with usual comments women just married or of a certain age tend to get. When I finally fell pregnant I told them very early on so they could with me make plans for my maternity and also cover off the international travel I do when I was no longer able. They didn't sort any of it. I carried on working as I usually do up until my mat leave which was a week before my due daye, I had no maternity cover until my first day of maternity leave and it was only me pushing finally resolved it with an old work colleague who freelances who had a contract elsewhere fall through. I then spent a week or two fielding calls helping her to figure stuff out. Didn't get kit days for as they said only phone calls. I also committed to only 6 months mat leave in order to help them plan 2017. Stupid I know,

Anyway I was called in for my annual review last week with my MD's operation director who for some reasons carried out out financial reviews. Was told no pay rises for anyone due to the economic climate and also a large contract fall through because of brexit vote. Fair enough I had an inkling. Got some commission but less than the previous year even though the last 12 months I had worked harder and more successfully. And all whilst juggling fertility treatment (which I took no time off work for I used holidays) and being pregnant. My MD even said before my mat leave he had never witnessed someone go through pregnancy and work so well without it impeding my work.. Yeah little did he know i was so determined not to be seen differently at work and perform so well I was going home at weekends and evenings and just sleeping!!

Anyway what's actually genuinely upset me is that because of the lack of pay and commission this year across the board they decided to increase some benefits in order to keep staff happy. They have never offered enhanced maternity. Always SMP. But now they are offering 10 weeks full pay 4 weeks half before going into SMP. However as the policy doesn't come into effect until 31st October I am missing out on all bar one week of half pay as a token gesture as that week I'll be on week 14 of my mat leave.

Am I right to be upset by this? im
Delighted they have improved the maternity package but there are only 5 other women in the company and without going into details about them I doubt they will ever need maternity pay. 2 definitely won't having had families already years ago.

I just feel like I've been slapped in the face for all my hard work over the years, my commitment to the company regardless of my own life I've never let it interfere with work and I've always had such a positive relationship with the owner and the MD I would rather they hasn't bloody told me about this great new benefit I'm not entitled to,

Feeling very demotivated and upset today. Feel like not going back to work at 6 months now even though financially I need to really as I'm currently supporting ill grandparents care.

Anyway I think I just wanted a rant and to get this down In writing. If anyone has any opinions or advice that would be a total bonus!

00100001 Tue 25-Oct-16 07:59:50

That's more than most get (just SMP)
anyway, i would just go back and ask them if they would pay you the new rate.

AyeAmarok Tue 25-Oct-16 08:04:03

I think it's worth an ask, in the circumstances.

LIZS Tue 25-Oct-16 08:04:31

I'd be surprised if the new policy applied to you at all if you are already on ml. Was you review meeting paid as a kit day? Unfortunately things change and in your case timing was not in your favour. Maybe you would benefit in future. It isn't personal. You are under no obligation to return before your year's ml is up anyway.

Frazzled2207 Tue 25-Oct-16 08:10:19

A similar thing happened to me, maternity package suddenly improved while I was already on ML. Unlucky but I didn't feel I could demand to be paid extra.
Given your circumstances though I think it's perfectly reasonable to put your point across but they would have to be very charitable to do anything.

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