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Careers advice for over 25s

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RC1234 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:27:25

Is there such a thing a careers advice for people over 25.

At the moment I am a team leader in a niche area. I would prefer a more hands on/ technical role as I am finding the people management aspect of my job very stressful (read super organised but very shy). Although I mooted a down-grade last year with managers this was refused (because despite the stress I am appearing to cope and I would be difficult to replace).

Applying to other companies for technical roles has failed too. I do like my current field, just not my current role. I am starting to suspect that people see me as 'over-qualified'.

I have also tried side ways moves into different departments (stress is partially department specific) but I have been told that I don't have the right experience for that despite me helping out in those areas within my current company.

I am actually considering quitting work altogether (being a SAHM) and starting again from scratch in a few years. I don't even know doing what - would I still be considered over qualified in a few years? Could I ever get back to being a non-leadership role again after being a team leader for 5 years? I don't actually want to be out of work at all. Has anyone ever been in this situation and it ended well?

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