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Starting mat leave midway through a temp change in hours...

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Nottalotta Wed 19-Oct-16 20:35:11

On returning from mat leave, I applied for reduction in hours. I was given a trial period of several months. I am pregnant again, unexpectedly. I will be going off on mat leave before the trial finishes.

All I have in writing, is a letter saying it has been agreed that I have a PERMANENT reduction in hours (a mistake)

So just wondering how this will pan out with maternity pay? I think we get 90% salary for 6 weeks then a lesser % for so many weeks then smp.

Ideally, I would take a permanent reduction in hours, have a lesser mat pay and know I can go back on reduced hours.

Manager thinks my trial period will run its course then revert to full time. I miss out twice here, losing the better mat pay at the start. And having to return full time.

Any ideas?

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