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Unwanted shift changes

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WeekendWarrior16 Tue 18-Oct-16 13:30:36

NC for this as may be outing. 

I have worked in an outlying office of a larger company for four years. 
There is a main office and four outlying offices. 
When I joined one person in each office was required to work each weekend, with the duty rotated between members in that specific office (meaning you worked one in six, and there is five people on). 
Each office had its own arrangement for covering evenings - some had a back shift which they rotated amongst themselves, others worked on an on-call basis. I was fine with this as I agreed to it when I signed up. 
About six months ago management decided to unify the system into one person working back shift but covering all the offices (IYSWIM). This is rotated on a weekly basis so each office takes a week. Again I have no problems with this. 

BUT now management have decided that in addition to having one person in each office doing a weekend duty, they are introducing the back shift arrangement on weekends too (though we will get a day in lieu). 

This presents a problem for me as I take part in a group hobby most weekends which takes me all over the country. The way it is run means that if I can't go, no one can do it (it's a team thing). 
I've always, with the help of colleagues swapping, managed to balance work and my hobby but now it looks like I am going to have to work more weekends, meaning it is going to be harder to maintain my hobby. 
As a direct result of this I have actually started to look for other jobs. 

Can they do this? (None of us have specifically agreed, just that no one really dissented - though they probably would have done it anyway)

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