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Swapping from salaried to hourly paid will leave me short for a few months. When to start?

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NapQueen Tue 18-Oct-16 09:53:45

Everyone on my level at work is being changed from salaried to hourly paid. Currently we are paid middle of the month for the whole month. As of the change we will be paid middle of the month for the preceeding four weeks. There is a cut off of a week before payday so if, for example, payday is the 14th, I'll be paid for the four weeks leading up to the 7th. The week 7-14th is paid the following month.

When the change happens, I will only be in receipt of a week or so wages. So if I do it in November I will have already been paid IN Oct for up to the 31st October. So my pay in Nov would be six days.

Work are offering use the chance to get a loan through them of up to 4 weeks wages to help. We then pay that back the next 3 months.

It's all confusing and stressing me a bit if I'm honest but I understand why they are doing it.

We can choose to swap in November (paying back Dec, Jan and Feb), December or January. Paying back the 3 months after it.

And we can choose how many weeks to borrow.

Either way leaves my wages lower than usual for a good few months.

I don't know when would be best! Earlier, but over Christmas, but my cars MOT is March so I'd get a full wage then. Jan so get Xmas out the way?

I don't know!!

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