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Scared I'm going to get pushed out of my job but should I argue back?

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wishesandkisses Mon 17-Oct-16 21:44:58

LONG ONE SORRY. A few weeks ago on a Friday at 5 to 5 there was 4 people in the office. Me and a colleague were going for a drink and I rang her from the downstairs phone (please note no clients were in the office) and told her to come the f*ck down as I needed to lock up. Yes it was very stupid and I completely regret it now. I was with another colleague who laughed and said the same thing to her. She told me to f off and she would be down in a minute and we went.

In the next week I was called into the office by my manager who said 3 people had made complaints about this (not that many people were in the office) and that me and my friend who I called are exclusive and treat the office like a kids play area, he also accused me of doing things I have never done. I stated I swore at her and I was sorry and I would apologise to anybody I have offended and accept any punishment as I shouldn't of said it, however, I work very hard and take on so many jobs to make my colleagues lives easier and I push myself and go above and beyond to ensure I do the best at my job and that is the first and last time I have ever been stupid like that and I was insulted that he thought I used the office as a play area. At this point he shouted at me and stated I was unproffessional and I needed to be punished for my behaviour and I stated yes that was fine for swearing but I'm not accepting responsibility for something I haven't done. This went back and forth for a while until he stated I was getting too upset and we should give a week for me to reflect and we would have another meeting to discuss this further.

As a back story to this. My colleague who back stabs her way up the chart (who was not in the office that friday) heard the other colleague laughing about that Friday and has been around anyone in the office who was there, questioning them and fed this up to my boss. After the meeting with my boss all of the colleagues came to me and stated they didn't complain they just answered the question did I swear. Since this the woman in question has had a promotion. She has been in the company a lot longer than me and is surrounded by new staff and reports straight to management (who is also new) if we so much as speak in the office. This woman also leaves early without permission and passes as much work on as possible and created toil which she hasn't earned. But I've never said anything as it doesn't impact on my work.

I have been reflecting over the week (whilst he has been constantly checking my work and where I am and where I have been and if I have worked with my friend/colleague). I have accepted I was stupid that Friday but I haven't been exclusive. I speak to and include everybody in my office. I organise meetings and audits and ask everyone their opinion (including this woman) and organise staff dos in which it usually end's up with me and my colleague/friend and a few others but never this woman as she never wants to come. I think she feels left out as we are all new but we always try to include her and invite her to things. Anyway. I've been away for the weekend and I have been anxious and panicky (cried a few times) to go back to work. Do I just accept what he says to me and say I'll keep my head down or argue my point? I'm hurt someone thinks this of me but I want to keep my job because I love it. But I feel bullied but stupid for swearing. Do I fight or do I not have a leg to stand on? Or do I just leave this atmosphere and start again, probably without a reference. sad tia

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