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Unable to gather enthusiasm for impending interview [confused]

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mammasmadhouse Mon 17-Oct-16 18:12:28

I have an interview on Wednesday, so really need to prepare but since finding out I have been short-listed I have been swaying between going and withdrawing. I guess the main reason I applied for the post was that it is similar hours to those I currently do (p/t) and has a number of similar elements to the role I currently do and it is permanent. In my current role I generally enjoy the work I do, but the (academic) directors (we have 3) are barely around and I basically run everything and give me no credit, which is starting to run a bit thin. I have no line management support and no real direction (I am the only admin person). I know I am over-thinking this but I really don't want to move into something I am not enthusiastic about. Help, what do I do...?

ThreeBecameFour Tue 18-Oct-16 07:31:28

I would go. Sometimes what is on paper isn't reality and our preconceptions cloud judgement on what something actually is. If nothing else it will be interview practice. See what happens. But you do need to feel it and if you are not sure it will come across in interview.

flopsypopsymopsy Tue 18-Oct-16 10:12:33

I think that's fairly common for admin roles (i.e. no communication from above, running everything and getting little credit).

I would go and see how you feel. At least it is permanent. It can't be any worse, can it?

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