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job change advice please

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SuperFlyHigh Mon 17-Oct-16 14:49:19

I have an interview for a new job in early November. It is a PA/Office Manager for an architectural practice about a 15 minute drive from where I live. I have experience in this field as PA but not really office manager (just covering in holidays). But I have been Legal Secretary/PA and office manager at a small solicitors office for about 5 years and have completed a payroll and introduction to HR course (one for for a day, the other was for a weekend).

I am also undertaking In Design which is the industry package for architectural support staff.

I currently work in a small (30 people) solicitors office, been here alnmost a year but really unhappy. The journey is long and difficult, my boss is 87 and wants to semi retire and I just find solicitors hard work (worked for them for almost 7 years now) compared to architects whom I worked with for 7 years too - 2 practices. I found architects much more easy going, plugged into their work, creative which I like and far less gossip than the solicitors have.

I can do the job but it's 9-6 rather than 9-5.30 I do now. It pays about 10K under the London average for an office manager in an architects role but I could live with that.

The job has been advertised since June - I think no takers because as they said most people applying wanted a higher salary. I could potentially suggest 35K and they may think this is ok, or even early 30sK.

Any advice or opinions on this? I really want to be in a job where I stay and am happy and not one like now where I feel demoralised, bored and hate the job!


SuperFlyHigh Wed 19-Oct-16 14:44:04


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