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Complaining about bullying at work

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button10 Sun 16-Oct-16 21:57:11

A new employee started 6 months ago and from day 1 she has totally ignored me. For the first 3 months I tried and tried to engage with her but it was like getting blood out of a stone. I have finally given up. When it's my turn to work with her it's silent, I tested it out one shift and she didn't acknowledge me once during the entire shift. She is ok with others from what I can see. I have no clue why she treats me like this. It has started to seriously impact on our work. Others have noticed but don't really bring it up. It's uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Would you class this as bullying ? or something else?

Chottie Mon 17-Oct-16 05:52:18

I would just shrug it off and think 'that's just her'. Just get on and do your job, perhaps she does wants to do her job and not answer a load of questions about non work related stuff? You don't know her or anything about her life, she could just prefer it that way.

I would not be stressing over this.

lemondropcake Mon 17-Oct-16 13:53:20

Doesn't sound like bullying but she sounds ignorant and a bit up herself. Just ignore her back. Keep a log if something else happens, if she starts talking about you to colleagues or snubbing you and talking to others in front of you happily etc.
If it does happen to escalate just bring her up on it and ask her what the strange atmosphere is about.

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