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Forced to cover for 4 jobs

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bankworker Sat 15-Oct-16 09:47:40


This is a bit of an odd one
Basically I was a contractor (temp) at an inv bank in the city paid a day rate. When contract was coming to an end end of August I was interviewed for a perm position. The job title is 'analyst' ie assistant level. Work duties shown was a hand typed vague list, with some PA duties I said I didn't want to do (I have 12y experience)

So I came back as a contractor temporarily while wait for perm contract. New manager asked me to cover for a whole other job titled 'xxx manager' and take on 100% workload, the man leaves Tuesday and this role reports to another woman who is confused why I will not be 'nanager'. I am also the 2nd manager for a team in another location that takes 2h time a day. And also covering for 2 vacant roles in that team. Plus continuing work from old role (report writing). Then the PA stuff that is meant to be 10% of the role (hmm) starts in on Thursday.

I've been back a month. Seen no contract. Then my manager emailed me last week saying job title would be 'analyst' after probation period promoted to assistant manager. I've worked at same bank before and was assistant manager aged 26 8yr ago. Basically a demotion. And expected to cover for up to 5 roles on an ongoing basis (recruitment takes months here so for at least 6m)

Came to a head of Friday. When manage emailed me Thurs and I didn't respond for 6h basically over run all the other jobs & run the thing he was asking by 2 other managers and so wasn't 'priority' to respond (in conf calls & issues in the other team & handover from other person leaving Tuesday)

Basically I replied at 8pm (just saying yes, have agreed with 2 other people this decision (that's in another team anyway). So he phoned me yesterday super aggressive. And I said how am I meant
To manage all these jobs / who takes priority/ is this an ongoing basis/ why is this assistant or analyst level when I'm covering for management and a manager job.

Shockingly, He lied to me on the phone & said had spoken to 5 other people i work with and all had said they hadn't heard from
Me since 2day prior. I immeditaely emailed 2 who said they had (have emails to back up), and rang manager who said 'he's too aggressive I don't know why he's doing this, he did ask and I told Him the 3 of us had spoken to u frequently'

So I asked this manager to ring him. It was my daughter birthday and I'd told the main manager I was taking a half day anyway. So u was upset being spoken to horribly, lied to on her birthday. Then my husband saw me really upset and also rang this main manager to say it was unacceptable.

So on Monday have to talk to main manager about it. Husband says lay out times for the 4/5 roles and say impossible to do it. I'm
Worried as he wants it 'analyst' level I'm going to be left with admin only and then told to leave if I don't like it. Tbh also scared of him now & in an vulnerable position.

Weirdly HR sent me an email saying 'contracts on job offer' and want to start screening next week. Still no job title, contract, roles or resp.

Feel like this is sexist discrimination and I'm being bullied into a very junior role with senior responsibilities with PA thrown in even tho I said no. Just because I'm
Female. The female manager of the 'xxx manager' who's leaving Tuesday said why couldn't I be manager too & why do I have to be a PA when I said no.

Any advice? Feel like I've been made vulnerable by this phone call & have 2wk left on current temp contract before 'new role (whatever it is) is meant to start.

TheTyrannyOfMAGENTA Sat 15-Oct-16 10:45:26

Sounds like a shitty situation!

But I have to ask, your husband rang your boss?

Hoppinggreen Sat 15-Oct-16 11:37:39

Yes it does all sound a bit crap but I don't see how you can complain about sexual discrimination when you need your husband to stick up for you at work - you've done yourself no favours with that one.

bankworker Sat 15-Oct-16 13:02:23

Wow thanks for the help guys

I thought someone may have some suggestions for how I redefine this role on Monday with the main manager / HR or may have been in a similar situation before

I've not claimed sex discrimination. I said it seems like it, if I am given a very junior job title and asked to cover multiple management roles. Ie would a 35y man be expected to do the same, for the same pay and job title

2ndSopranos Sat 15-Oct-16 13:37:06

I work in a completely different sector, but I have multiple roles. I lead on x, y and z for example: parts of the whole. So it means one day I might need to attend a meeting with my y hat on, and later on that afternoon look at a new development in x.

That's my understanding of working at a senior level.

Your comment "would a man be expected to work like that", well, yes, probably.

Many people think I'm also the HoD's PA as I happen to share an office with him. Vaguely sexist, because I'm sure if I was male that assumption wouldn't be made, but there you go. When he laughed I mentioned I could easily stop taking messages and put "go away" on the door. There ended that conversation.

bankworker Sat 15-Oct-16 13:46:22


But would you expect to do those commitments with aN Analyst grade eg graduate / 2y experience level?

I have 12y experience in law and banking in city (all relevant) and last 2 roles prior to this one had manager job title

Think the main manager is trying to pull a fast one and give me rubbish job title / not reveal roles and responsibilities, but experts work output and understanding of a much more senior person

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