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Help appreciated from any employment specialists

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Blankiefan Thu 06-Oct-16 16:24:52

My role is being made redundant and I've been offered an interim role that will last about a year.

I was initially told my contract would stay in place with a letter added laying out the interim fixed term role.

They've now issued me with a new contract.

I've had a number or roles in my 10 years here but never a new fresh contract. It's probably all fine but I'm paranoid about being screwed by them. should I be concerned about this change or is it standard?

mydietstartsmonday Thu 06-Oct-16 16:36:26

At the very least you need to confirm that you continuity of service.
You then need to check each item:-
No of hours work per week
Pension contributions
Pay etc..
I think it is unusual to have a completely new contract.
Are they deferring your redundancy payment until after the fixed term?
Are they guaranteeing the same terms?

Blankiefan Thu 06-Oct-16 17:25:15

New contract notes my original start date but the body does reference conditions for different lengths of service (eg sick lat for new starts, after a year, after two, etc).

I'm getting a copy of my original contract as in sure there are differences (some in my favour - but you're right, I need to check them all).

There's new elements on confidentiality and IP ownership that weren't in the old contract but they wouldn't let me do this new work without those anyway.

Good point about ensuring terms of the package at end of the fixed term. It's reasonable (well, ahead of statutory) and what they always do but whose to say what happens in the coming year.


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