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Sickness from work at 26 weeks

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kayleighb21 Thu 06-Oct-16 15:33:36

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and my work have been very short staffed, I have been doing 11 hour days with no official break.. just have to eat whenever I get chance! I also had fainted at work as they had me in the only room with no air con after I had complained I was too hot for ages. I feel like they don't really listen to me as we are so short so making me do long hours/busy days/ up and down stairs is the only option as we have so many other people off sick etc all the time. I was promised to have reduced duties by this stage which hasn't happened. I saw my GP for an unrelated matter and told him what hours I had been doing and that I was starting to feel very tired.
He advised I take two weeks off to rest, but I said with work being so short I would just have one. Now its coming to the end of the week I wish I actually had taken the 2 as I don't feel that much better and the thought of going back to the hours and stress is making me feel ill! The GP is meant to be ringing me this afternoon to see how I am doing and I am thinking about asking for the extra week off.
Can this effect my sickness rate or cause diciplinary with it being noted as being pregnancy related.. or can they make me start maternity early? (due to start it end of Novemeber) do you think I should just suck it up and go back? What would you do?

dementedpixie Thu 06-Oct-16 20:02:14

They can't make you start maternity leave early unless you are off with pregnancy related illness from week 36 so you are fine. You can't be penalised for pregnancy related sick leave either. Have they done risk assessments or made reasonable adjustments to your working conditions?

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