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Work related stress - returning to work how/when...

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willworkforwine Wed 05-Oct-16 02:05:48


I'm looking for some general advise if possible/others experience.....

Last Tuesday I got signed off with work related stress, I had shingles a few monthe ago induced by work related stress during which I worked through but at home.

My gp has signed me off for 2 weeks initially said come back if I need more time.

The day before being signed off I went home from work early as I felt out of control.......for last 3 months at work on really shitty days it seems to get meverything more than others and I randomly have been bursting into tears...... when someone asks me am I ok it is worse ...

I'm normally strong fairly confident in my work, but recently I have an extremely demanding and difficult client who is also unreasonable, ive been asked to be removed from the client, work came up with a compromise.... my stress levels have raised due to this and them redefining my role/responsibilities (still havent got the roles and responsibilities documented by manager)....

Last two weekseparate I had been asking again to be completely removed, this hasn't been acknowledged etc...

Last Monday was the rod that broke the camels back, I was asked a question about the client you the account manager tried to explain (issue is with internal teams) and that was it broke down/ left work early. My manager phoned me that night to say things were going to change age then I had already, made the doctors appointment, got to,gp she signed me off.

Last Thursday I wrote a long email to my manager explaining the various contributing factors to why I was feeling so work stressedone, no response or acknowledgemental of this yet.

Today I got a well being call from my manager I tried to ask about have things changed, but he was this call is about you don't worry about work....

How to I return to work?
I'm not sure if nothing has changed I can face it! But I don't want the stigma of being off sick with stress...
I work for a small company less than 100 people so me being off is costly tothem.
I really dislike the hr lady she is not friendly or approachable.

How do I know I am ready to return? About work I feel emotional everytime I talk/think about it..... tearing up now wtf?

I've been keeping busy in the day going to the gym/decorating doing stuff not thinking about work...

Now less than a week to go I don't know how to tell if I am ready to go back.

No performance issues, received my full bonus which confirms this, however confidence is suffering as long is deemed as acceptable to be off, before they consider getting rid of me (small company).

I got a message from the centre saying he had heard I unwell and sorry it had come e to this wishing me a speedy recovery and sorry this has happened and that I have all their support.

That made me tear up as well.

Sorry for essay post.

willworkforwine Wed 05-Oct-16 02:08:31

Centre = ceo dami auto Correct!

Greensweet Wed 05-Oct-16 12:07:04

I'm in a similar position to you, been signed off work with stress. My boss hasn't been as understanding as yours though, she was very stern when I rang to tell her and seemed very sharp with me. I got off the phone feeling even more stressed! Now I've had a week off (I've been given a month) and I'm worrying about going back. In fact, I don't feel I can so I am going to resign. You are very good to have been able to send an email detailing why you are feeling stressed. I don't feel I would be able to do the same! I think you are very brave. You could ask for a referral to occupational health through your employer. They are supposed to be impartial and can give both you and your employer advice about your returning to work. They can make recommendations to your boss. They can't get rid of you easily. First they have to try to make changes to help you back to work. If you are still not able to return, then they could start the process to terminate your contract but there are laws surrounding this, they have to do things correctly. From your post, your boss sounds quite caring so I think maybe they would support you back to work?

I hope you start to feel better soon. Being off with stress is horrible isn't it!

X x

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