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Best reason to quit?

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lizzieoak Tue 04-Oct-16 15:30:32

About six months ago I took a new job. I have a few friends who've worked in this division & they all told me to run for the hills. Their experience was a few years ago, so I hoped things had changed and accepted the position (better pay, more hours, and a nice job title). After a few weeks I realized that a) I was getting a pretty bad repetitive strain injury from the work and b) they are very dysfunctional & some are downright nasty. I asked about getting my old job back (they hadn't needed to replace me yet) but for various mad reasons the supervisor declined (to everyone's shock).

So I was off a few months from the new job healing the injury & have started back. I can't stand it. I actually like the work, but my injury is coming back and the woman who is supervising me is really odd. Getting chillingly angry one minute and then all smiles the next. Yesterday my screen froze and she said "Fuuuckk!! What the hell did you do that for?", then a few minutes later said that program froze all the time (you'd have to hear the tone but it was really nasty). As I've been away & its hellishly complicated, I need to work very closely with her for a few weeks (I requested two other choices who are not only much better at explaining the process, but are also not bullies, but they ignored me).

If I don't quit soon the injury will become entrenched & the other jobs I've applied for would have to wait while I healed (unlikely they'd want to wait).

So I need to quit this asap for my mental & physical health (bullied badly by exh so get highly stressed over this sort of thing).

For the benefit of future interviews, what's the best reason to say I left? I'm thinking injury, or hours not family-friendly, or bad fit. Most other jobs in applying for are the same sector but this is the only one open 19 hours a day, others are 8:30-4:30. Also, other jobs are not the same constant motion over & over so unlikely it would bother my injury.

Not sure what sounds best?

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