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'Closing' dept for 4 months

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Chelsea26 Mon 03-Oct-16 08:47:57

I'm going to try and explain my situation without outing myself and wonder if anyone can help me.

I run a department which owns 2 rooms and hires them out to clients. The rest of the company has different rooms and hires them out to different clients.

I have just been told that my rooms are going to be taken over by the other side o the business for 4 months.

This means that my staff (trained to facilitate my rooms) will have nothing to do for that time.

What are the options for my staff? Can I ask for reduced hours for them? Could they be reassigned? We are all on permanent full time contracts but I cannot see the point of them coming in for 9 hours a day to do nothing.

I have a meeting this morning and wonder if anyone has any ideas of what I can ask for/expect?

InTheDessert Mon 03-Oct-16 08:57:04

Sounds horrid!!
Some thoughts, the reassigned rooms will need staff. Can your team carry out that job? Is there somewhere else your team could work from for 4 months??

Is your side of the business loosing money?? If do, I'd be looking for a new job. I suspect most of your team will be if they either have to sit and twiddle their thumbs for 4 months, or are not paid.

What are the long term consequences for your side of the business if it is shut for 4 months??? Most customers will go elsewhere????

Chelsea26 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:24:25

Thank you for replying - we're not losing money but not making as much as the other side of the business. You have clarified my concerns very well - I think my team will certainly look for work elsewhere as this will make them nervous about our future and yes our customers will go elsewhere and be annoyed with us for prioritising the other clients.

It does feel like the beginning of the end and if that's the case I just want them to close us down and make us redundant instead of doing this for 4 months and then have us try to regain market share and reputation - I feel horrible for my team

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