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Breastfeeding and returning to work - Landmark ruling on expressing and working patterns

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YorshireLass Sat 01-Oct-16 10:14:04

For those of you who now or in the future may wish to incorporate expressing milk with returning to work, there has been an important shift in the law to help you do so:

And here is a copy of my email to BBC News who I am shocked to say have failed to cover the story thus far:


Dear Sir/ Madam

This morning I woke early (as is usual for me) and checked the BBC News (as is also usual for me), having gone to sleep yesterday in the knowledge that the Bristol Post and the Daily Mail had picked up the following historic landmark ruling:

But where is the BBC coverage of such an important groundbreaking shift in employment law? I was shocked to see that nothing could be found. This judgment affects so many people, both employees and employers, and the total radio silence from the BBC on such an important breakthrough is truly woeful.

At this point, I should make it clear that I do have a vested interest. I am a member of Unite, and I am also married to the barrister who argued the case for Unite. Furthermore, I am a solicitor (although I have no plans to return to legal practice at present), and I am also a breastfeeding mother, a babywearing consultant (and it made me jump for joy that a quality ergonomic sling featured in the Mail's write up). In times past I was also a qualified breastfeeding peer supporter. I also founded a Facebook babywearing group which currently boasts over 22,000 members.

As a loyal reader of the BBC News online, I am deeply disappointed. Maybe breastfeeding mothers aren't newsworthy enough in the face of Trump? Maybe one needs to be a misogynist in order to hit the headlines?

Please do restore my faith in you by including it in your news and thus sharing this ruling far and wide. I ask this not because I wish to spread my husband's fame (we love him just as he is, and have no desire for him to be in any limelight), nor because Unite need any more publicity (there is no need to mention them either), but because working/ breastfeeding mothers need to know what they can and cannot accept in the workplace. Breastfeeding can be so hard, and the benefits of extended breastfeeding are so very great, that the very young - and future - population of this fine country deserve nothing less.

In closing, if you lack a suitable candidate to pen stories of this ilk, then please look no further. I am happy to provide such a service for "nowt", as those from my adopted county would say.

Yours truly


Please share with anyone who you think might benefit from this change in the law.

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