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Should I just go?

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wishesandkisses Wed 28-Sep-16 07:41:45

For the past 18 months after a year at home with my son I decided I wanted to get a job and start working my way up. As a young mum I wanted to set an example for my son and, quite honestly, I didn't want to be looked down on for being a young stay at home mum. I got a job which was really hard to get at 30 hours and constantly pushed for a permanent contract. Eventually I got a role at another place, in a higher role at 35 hours a week which isn't great for me. The role in itself is very challenging and responsible and I feel my experience isn't doing it justice so I struggle and find myself in troube a lot. Incidently i have somehow ended up working under my old boss who doesnt really sympathise with my struggle being a young parent/working full time/ running a house and often say's I'm being silly (I might be I don't know) and acts like being a mum shouldnt be a priority over my job. He also never tells me what I am doing right but constantly tells me when I am doing something wrong. When I challenged him on this he said 'well that's how I do it'. Im starting to really question whether i can do this. The problem is that I miss my baby. He's started to get very clingy to his dad but says he doesn't like me. The house is getting into a state because I don't have time to do everything and my guilt being away from my baby makes me spend all spare time with him. I need my job to move house/keep my lifestyle but I'm starting to question what is important. I'm still in my 6 month probationary period so I don't dare ask my arrogant boss to cut my hours to 30 and I'm not sure I could do my job on 30. But I've started needing a glass of wine when I get home just to cope and I don't want this to esculate. We wanted to try for another baby next year but I'm not sure how it could happen without this job. What do I do?

melibu84 Wed 28-Sep-16 07:47:53

It really sounds to me like the job isn't right for you. Maybe you should consider looking for a new one, and delay having another baby.

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