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maternity and childcare vouchers

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Sun 25-Sep-16 23:54:44

If anyone knows employment law well if appreciate some advice.

I'm currently on Mat leave with dc3 and having issues with payroll and pay. Im nhs so am entitled to 8 week's full pay, followed by a period of 50% plus statutory. However My pay has come in lower than expected and following many conversations it transpires that they have calculated my 'full pay' on my pay after any salary sacrifice deductions. I'm my case this is following a deduction of £248. I'm still in the childcare voucher scheme so I'm still revieceing vouchers but I'm still also having this deducted from my maternity pay. So essentially I'm having it deducted twice. Does that make sense?

I've spoken to maternity action who cited a recent case (peninsula) where following appeal it was ruled that employers can stop cv salary sacrifice when an employee is on maternity leave and on SMP. But this doesn't really explain why I'm being doubled charged for my cv vouchers. It's a big issues as I've financially planned for this year off based on an expected income and we're are left short which will mean I'll probably have to return back to work early or get into debt.
I'm.planning to contact my union but I'd welcome any thoughts as I'm not sure how helpful the union will be given maternity action left me feeling they didn't quite get it.

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