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Shannon30 Thu 22-Sep-16 16:04:20

hi everyone , I'm not really sure why I'm posting , I just guess I'm feeling really panicky and stressed about everything and I just want to know other peoples experiences, thoughts. I currently have a job in a supermarket , I work 3 full days 8 hours a day , Wednesday 9-5 , Thursday 2-10 and all day sunday )I have a dog and 2 teenage children , 13 and nearly 15 years . I have accepted a new , much more interesting an less time spent on my feet job working 8-2 Monday to Friday (30 hours a week in total ) I was really happy when they told me I had got the job , and I'm due to start 3rd October , but since I accepted I have been so full of mixed emotions , every day I seem to have a little mini panic attack stressing over the extra hours, the extra days, only having 2 days a week off with only 4 weeks holidays a year etc. Please , please anyone who does similar hours, days with a family to look after , I would really really appreciate it if you could just share your experiences/tips/ thoughts. thank you so much for reading

daisychain01 Thu 22-Sep-16 20:16:45

Any change is bound to make you unsettled. Think of the better work conditions and not having to do the time on your feet.

Focus on how well you've done, to get the new job. Well done you!

I had a big job change this time last year and really scared I had done the wrong thing, but it has all worked out well, none of the things I feared even happened I'm a complete worry guts

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