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moggiek Wed 14-Sep-16 22:05:22

DS2 (civil engineer) is keen for a move, but not having much success. Does anyone have any experience of using a professional cv writing service? I don't know whether to suggest this to him.

daisychain01 Fri 16-Sep-16 04:21:41

I'm sure if you or he did an Internet search, you'd find various online resources about writing a good CV.

Also if he registers with some good quality agencies, they can often help with .c.v writing.

I haven't got experience of any pay-for services, I think I'd resent paying for something that isn't that difficult to do if your prepared to invest time in finding out some good practice.

You could probably pick up some reasonable templates either on the Internet or in Microsoft Word!

daisychain01 Fri 16-Sep-16 04:22:29


You're with an apostrophe!

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 16-Sep-16 04:30:40

As a civil engineer his skills are probably quite niche so yes go to an agency who should be able to tart his CV a bit. Research agencies that are specialist recruiters in his field. They will represent him for free, if he gets the job they'll claim their fee from his new employer.

I would not pay for a specialist CV writing service. It's easy to do yourself, there are plenty of resources online (and I work in HR, which helps). If you want to have s go yourself, start with most recent employment first and work down, keep it relevant to the role being applied for and short; recruiters get bored of reading CV's pretty quickly.

Good luck OP!

moggiek Sat 17-Sep-16 08:43:41

Many thanks to both of you. Will pass your info on.

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