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flexible working agreement still apliccalbe?

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TinaSu79 Tue 13-Sep-16 18:49:35

I'm really cheesed off as I've just changed to a different team (internally) and was requested to change my working hours to 9-5. I have so far worked 9-5 on a Mon and shorter days (until 3.15) on a Tue and Wed. When I applied for the job, I clearly put my working hours in my application and no request was made for me to change the hours. However when I asked for something different which would suit me more due to my son starting school shortly, my manager came back to me with this request which was today confirmed by a senior manager.
Back in 2013 I had made a flexible working request and working hours of 8.30-4pm had been confirmed. This is partly what I want now - to finish at 4 by the latest. However I had worked full time then and am working only 50% now. In addition to this, I was promoted and have changed teams several times and with this came many different working hours, however never until 5 on Tue as now requested and no other flexible working request was made or granted. Would the previous flexible working agreement still count?
Many thanks

flowery Tue 13-Sep-16 20:03:54

No. A flexible working request results in a permanent change to your hours, but if your hours are changed after that for another reason you don't just have the right to go back to the flexible hours you initially asked for at any time down the line.

In 2013 your contractual hours changed to 8.30-4, but then after that they changed again. At the point they changed again, your 2013 hours became irrelevant.

When you applied for the new job did you not check what the hours would be/that they would be happy for you to stick to your current hours?

When you received written confirmation of your new role, what did it say about things like hours/pay/holiday etc?

TinaSu79 Wed 14-Sep-16 17:54:31

I believe I checked with my then team manager (who was interviewing with the new service manager) if a request of a change of hours had been made. She can't recall this being made. I had put my hours in my application. In the meeting yesterday the service manager interviewing me claimed to have said that the successful applicant needs to be 'flexible'. I would call myself flexible as I gave different options to ensure the service is covered (e.g. that I would stay on until 5 if required, but could leave at 3 or 4 if others can cover) but they didn't accept.
The confirmaiton was verbally; holiday and pay is the same as in my last role and it's the same job title etc.

flowery Wed 14-Sep-16 18:17:34

Ok well if pay is the same then presumably hours are as well. Does the letter of confirmation really not say anything about hours?

Also unusual not to specify when advertising the job what hours are required though, so that people can decide whether they want to apply.

Your OP isn't clear, have you already started this job on your old hours, or have you not started yet and they are now changing what hours will be required when you do start?

TinaSu79 Thu 15-Sep-16 09:12:52

They didn't send us any confirmation letter - all we got was an email from my old manager confirming mine and my colleagues start dates (which were different).
The advert simply said 'part time', it didn't even say that it was a job share as claimed later.
I've started the job in July and only after I asked for a change of hours (which would have been minimal) due to my son starting school in Sept they came back to me requesting me to change them to 9-5.

TinaSu79 Thu 15-Sep-16 09:14:34

Just to clarify: I've started the job with exactly the same hours I had in my old team, so Mon 9-5 and Tue/Wed 9-3.15 and wanted to finish at 3 instead of 3.15.

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