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Part timeers holiday

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Mbear Sat 10-Sep-16 11:25:58

Sorry, I know this is done every once in a while but I've gotten very muddled!

So I was working ft - annual leave was worked out as normal holiday + bh = total amount you could take. This is retail with extra holiday for longer service and holiday year running March to April. So just booked any holiday I wanted whenever etc.

I am now part time - tues, fri and a weekend day. I get normal holiday + bh (pro rata). All fine.

However as I don't work Monday's I won't actually get that bh time? I'm just used to either working contracted hours in a week and if not then either off sick or on holiday regardless of which specific days off you have.

So even if I work my 24 hrs in a bh week as I'm off on the mon I get not holiday for that week. Is this correct? Thank you.

redmimi Sat 10-Sep-16 11:30:51

You should benefit from this working pattern. You will still get your pro rata bank holiday entitlement but as you don't work Mondays (when the majority fall) you will be able to book those hours at another time.

Mbear Sat 10-Sep-16 22:46:17

Thank you, I think I will check with HR next week - I think it may be an explanation issue (ie from the manager to me) as opposed to an actual issue.

SueTrinder Tue 13-Sep-16 00:19:07

That is correct. But it benefits you because you get pro-rata holidays to cover BH that you don't actually have to use on BHs. So you end up with more holiday. If you did work Mondays you'd probably have to use annual leave to cover all those BHs and have less holiday than you now do.

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