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Office air con

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Middleoftheroad Wed 07-Sep-16 23:07:53

Just moved offices and am.sitting directly under freezing air con. I don't like the cold and I suffer from.sore throats. Since working in the new office my eyes feel dry and I have a sore throat. I have 100 percent attendance since I joined three years ago but feel unwell today with headache too.

Would it be OK to raise this with my boss who sits opposite? There are 6 people who work in the office but are in and out all day. Im the only one who is desk based all day every day.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 07-Sep-16 23:09:29

See I'd love that , I've been so miserable all summer I dream of being cold

Gwenhwyfar Wed 07-Sep-16 23:12:30

I hate the damn air con. Nice day outside today, but cold inside. I HATE it and when I complain the hot people say stupid things like "We can't take out clothes off, but you can put more clothe on". Why should I be sitting there in a big jumper in the middle of summer. Can't type with a coat and gloves on.
In your case, you're the only desk-based person so you should be allowed to control the air con.

IrenetheQuaint Wed 07-Sep-16 23:12:55

How big is the office? Do you have access to the control panel? If so, just turn it up sneakily. Otherwise yes do mention it.

Bloody work air con, I hate it.

Middleoftheroad Wed 07-Sep-16 23:32:27

The office only has six (there are two large windows i might add) but I think the panel is locked.

I can put a cardi on but that won't stop my skin eyes head or throat being affected. The others are out more than in so prob havent got a clue, but it's really bringing me down after just three days.

ManagersDilemma Sat 10-Sep-16 20:34:26

Complain and keep complaining (including emails so it's in writing). Tell them it is unbearable and is making you feel ill. I have been working in a winter coat this summer hmm but I think all my complaints are finally getting through.

INeedANameChange Sun 11-Sep-16 12:02:41

My boss insists on having the air con on even when it's snowing hmm

So I've gone down the passive aggressive route of wearing a garish sleeved blanket in our very corporate, suit wearing office. If they want to make the office freeze then I'm using my damned duvet whether they like it or not!

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