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Tax on second job

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Cheerybigbottom Wed 07-Sep-16 13:44:19

I need to pick mumsnet's brains flowers

I have a zero hours contract with an employer who only needs me weekends. I've been offered another relief post with an employer who needs me mon-fri only. I'd like to work both places because they don't clash and I need both to get a decent income from it.

Are there any tax implications? I don't know how much I need to earn before I pay tax, let alone if I'll be tax more because I have two jobs.

Can anyone offer advice? sad

user1469076810 Wed 07-Sep-16 20:09:08


You won't pay more tax with two jobs.

In 2016/17 (April-April) you can earn £10,600 before you pay tax. Then you'll pay 20% on what you earn over that up to £32,000, which is probably more than you will earn by the sound of it.

This is on total earnings regardless of how many jobs make up the income.

What you will need to do is complete a P46 when you start, ticking the box saying that this is not your only job. Then call the tax office and arrange with them to have the tax free allowance put against the Mon-Fri job rather than the zero hours one, as that will make things easier for you.

If you think your total income till April 17 will be less than the £10,600, discuss that with them too.

Cheerybigbottom Thu 08-Sep-16 05:50:55

Thank you, anonymous user of wonderful information!

I very much doubt I will get near the tax threshold but I will do exactly as you say, thank you genuinely. You have been more than helpful flowers

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