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Divisive workplace is getting me down.

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whataboutbob Tue 06-Sep-16 21:27:50

I work in the NHS and have been in my job for 13 years. Too long, but in the intervening time I have had 2 kids, and had considerable family stress so stuck it out mostly because it involves no commute (and i like the clinical work).
One year ago my record keeping was in remedial measures, I achieved 100% compliance with standards and the process was finished. Most other dept members achieve nothing like 100% compliance in their record keeping, but AFAIK it's not an issue. However another member of staff went through the same process and has now been suspended (other things were doubtless used as well in the case against her). She was actually the most senior person in the department, and I feel strongly that a personal vendetta was carried out because she had a huge personality clash with at least 2 other dept members, and they set out to remove her. I have just come back from holiday and the atmosphere at work is not good, people are very guarded. I have said nothing but in a way feel like a bystander to a huge case of bullying.
I guess I am asking are all workplaces dysfunctional and aggressive to a certain extent? And ethically what can one do when a colleague has been victimised? Thank for reading, any insights/ shared experiences gratefully received.

RowenaDahl Tue 06-Sep-16 22:47:11

Time for a change perhaps?

MadeinLiverpool Tue 06-Sep-16 23:03:06

Sounds horrible. Move on! Easier said than done, I realise but it is horrible working in a corrosive atmosphere. sad

Stillunexpected Wed 07-Sep-16 09:36:40

I think you are projecting here. You don't actually know why the staff member was suspended, record keeping may have been only part of it and there may be other more serious issues which you will never find out about. The atmosphere in any workplace is always going to be difficult at a time like this. Nothing you have said in your post definitely shows that your colleague has been bullied or victimised, unless there are many other things you are not sharing.

If you have not previously noticed this atmosphere at work then ride it out. However, it sounds as if you weren't happy for a number of reasons anyway and it probably is time for a change. Thirteen years is a long time in the same job.

whataboutbob Thu 08-Sep-16 17:33:03

Thanks everyone for your viewpoints. i actually agree Stillunex, I am sure some of this is my own "stuff" I can have a tendency to over identify with whoever is down in a hierarchy. I know there is a very long backstory on this one and all parties involed have their perspective, still it's not nice to witness someone being isolated and then removed from their place of work. My aim is to make the best of this next year, keep my Continuous professional development in good fettle and consider moving on, altho the prospect of a commute is not great.

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