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Found out pregnant right before starting new job as maternity cover

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user1472648075 Wed 31-Aug-16 14:08:10

Hi. I would love to get a few opinions on my current situation. I have recently accepted a new job which is maternity cover at a new organisation (really my dream job). I am currently finishing out my 3 months notice period at my current job (which I am keen to leave) but have discovered that I am pregnant. This is my third pregnancy with the previous two ending in a misscarriage. We really weren't trying at the moment and it is very bittersweet as it is something that we have wanted for a long time but the timing is rubbish (Murphy's law, I suppose). In the new job, I will have a 6 month probationary period and I would be starting the job just a few days after hitting the 3 month mark of being pregnant. I am hesitant to let the new employer know that I am pregnant in case I miscarry again but don't want to start on the wrong foot or mislead them in anyway as I won't be able to do the full terms of the contract (9 months - 1 year). I have scheduled a doctor's appointment to get in with the early pregnancy unit so that we can get an early scan, so hopefully that will help us to see how the pregnancy is developing. Would love to hear people's thoughts. Many thanks.

everdene Wed 31-Aug-16 14:19:28

If it really is a dream opportunity I'd take it, you need to think of your post-baby career.

However you wouldn't get enhanced maternity pay.

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