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Need advice about carers leave

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TitsTingle Wed 31-Aug-16 09:57:03

My DH has a chronic pain condition he has been offered a spinal cord simulator but this requires a six week recovery period. Since he had to finish work due to his illness I now work and he does the childcare.
So are my managers likely to be ok with me needing the time off is there anything I can legally ask them for or do I have to hope they will be understanding.
Hoping to speak to my manager todAy so any advice would be appreciated.

flowery Wed 31-Aug-16 10:23:38

Do you mean you want to take 6 weeks off work, to care for your DH/your children?

No one here has any idea whether your managers are likely to be ok with it. You're not legally entitled to this type of leave as such, no. If it's to care for your children you can ask for parental leave link here. If it's not convenient for business reasons your employer can postpone it and they don't have to allow you that much in one go.

Alternatively you could ask to take a combination of annual leave and unpaid leave (parental leave or just unpaid leave).

What kind of impact is this likely to have on your employer? If you go into the discussion with an actual plan as to how this can be managed with as low an impact on them as possible, obviously they are more likely to be accommodating. Can you do some of your work from home, for example?

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